John Goodlad, 1920-2014

John Goodlad, influential educational researcher and teacher whose work over the last sixty years has had a major impact on schools and the education of educators, died on November 29 at his home in Seattle. He was 94.

"John Goodlad offered an alternative vision of what schooling should be," said David Imig, "and inspired generations of teachers, principals, academics, politicians, and policy makers to find ways to make good on that vision.” Imig, for thirty years head of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education and a long-time-colleague, said that Goodlad "was passionate in his beliefs about the role of schools in a free democratic society." But coupled with that passion was consideration for his readers and for those he worked with in person. "Goodlad could fill an auditorium with overflow crowds and challenge them to do better for all students. He had the perseverance to shake every congratulatory hand and to engage in conversation with an extraordinary range of adherents, critics, admirers, and detractors, all with civility and respect," said Imig. Read More

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