Summer Symposia

 Summer Symposium

The sumposium is a leadership program for individuals seeking to advance their understanding of the Agenda for Education in a Democracy (AED) and the NNER.

Download the 2014 Summer Symposium Application (PDF)

We are pleased to announce an opportunity to study the Agenda for Education in a Democracy (AED) again this summer in Seattle. We are developing a new week-long summer symposium for those who have not had the opportunity to participate in the extended leadership programs or other NNER initiatives and who are interested in learning more about the Agenda and how to apply its principles in their work and the NNER mission. Activities and interaction will be developed using evaluation information from previous symposium participants. The symposium will provide opportunities to meet with colleagues from across the NNER, discuss issues pertinent to the health of our public schools, universities, and communities, and to study and interact with NNER leaders committed to advancing the AED.

During the week we will study the AED and NNER mission, the conditions necessary for their implementation, and strategies we find most promising for putting the concepts into action. Prior to the session, Executive Board member, Dennis Potthoff will be in communication with all participants to engage in online community building and share perspectives from the online resources to build background knowledge for the session. In addition, readings that will be used in the session will be sent to participants prior to the session to ensure that participants have the background knowledge to participate fully in the session. Social democracy in the larger surround—public places beyond education institutions will be explored. There will be time for informal interaction with colleagues where participants can raise questions and proffer strategies to advance our work in these challenging times. We encourage settings to send teams to support the tripartite nature of our work and our commitment to community engagement. This also supports teams working together after the session.

We also want to emphasize that an important outcome for this session is that participants leave with skills and background knowledge to become leaders in their settings to advance the NNER mission. Local activities such as leadership associates programs, book study sessions, action research, and boundary spanning conversations are just some examples of leadership roles participants can play. The board would also like to extend its support for developing local leadership associates programs. Networks, by definition, include multiple points of support and leadership and the board recognizes that the NNER’s commitment to renewal requires participation from all to extend and deepen the work.

The symposium is planned for the week of July 14-17, 2014 at the Silver Cloud Lake Union in Seattle. The cost for each participant is $600 which includes materials and most meals. Please note that this fee is lower than in past years. The hotel has once again raised its lodging rate slightly and this lower registration fee will offset the additional cost. Travel and lodging costs are the responsibility of each participant.